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Anti Japanese hero Wang Erxiao

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Childhood suffering
In Laiyuan County of Hebei province village Wang Erxiao 1929 was born in a poor farmer's family. Wang erxiao ranked second, brother called stone, father Wang GUI is a Laoshibajiao farmers, to the village landlord Liu at work as a farm labourer living, mother Wang Zhang Shi to needlework, family of four squeeze live in the village grandmother temple. Wang Erxiao, formerly known as Wang Pu, it was said that his intention was to name him as the seedlings grow strong.
The summer of 1939, torrential rains, crops uncollected particles. The spring of the second year, comes at a time when the war of resistance against Japan in the third year, natural disasters, the formation of the "village of mourning, everywhere there is the cries of carnage. As a result, Wang Erxiao's parents and brother died because of illness. The spring of 1940 on Wang erxiao began fleeing career. One day in May of that year, after long wandering the smallest for suffering hunger and fainted on the roadside, Langya port village committee director rescue. Later he was assigned to surnamed Liu large cattle for a living.
To participate in the revolution
At that time, a division of the army District, an independent division of the army's cavalry stationed in this area. Two love horses, often to the squadron to play, and the Eight Route Army soldiers fared very well. He is a clever boy, very introverted, don't love to talk, throughout the year always wears a very broken xiaogua, squadron wulianchang very like the orphan, the story often told him to fight to the dinner time stay Hote to give him to eat. Later, two joined the children's corps, the side of cattle side to the Eight Route Army sentry.
lure the enemy in deep
On October 25, 1942 (lunar calendar September 16) in the morning, 13 year old Wang erxiao is local villagers said of cattle grazing on spike ditch the door outer scarp slopes, suddenly saw a group of devil into the mountains to mop up, guizibing has dozens of people is from the mouth of the spike to Fan Zhuang Wang Cun came. On the other side of the ravine covered of the Eighth Route Army Rear organs, there are a lot of folks, if the devil touch into the ravine, not only of the Eighth Route Army Rear organ damage, the villagers also will be doomed. But it was too late to run back to the report.
Then the smallest suddenly come to think of it, in order to crush the devil attack, Laiyuan Anti Japanese government has more than 20 wounded and grain transfer, in order to protect the rear of the organization and the mass squadron ambush in Shihu corners of the Shi Ling Zi. The smallest calmly thought, he wanted to put the devil into an ambush, let the Eight Route Army against them be taken by surprise! Decided after, the smallest deliberately exposed the own goal, is the valley blindly hit the guizibing saw the smallest, hurriedly put him from the hillside catch to ask for directions. The smallest wit and devil of the world, cheat their trust in the front. From spike ditch East Gate walk is Fan Zhuang Wang Cun, Wang erxiao with devils from northwest ditch drilled into, lead to the Eighth Route Army ambush Shihu corners. In fact, this is a dead end, just over the stone to the end of the road.
Wang Erxiao Memorial Hall of the devil look silly, until this time just know when. Smallest think while the enemy shaken to the Bush ran, at this time, Japanese officers towards him raised Yang knife, the first knife slashing Wang erxiao right hand five fingers, the second knife to Wang erxiao's chest and throw him in the stone. At the same time, the hill army gunfire in four, before and after no pipe work, it wiped out all the enemy.
The battle ended, soldiers ran before the rescue Wang erxiao stonehenge. When Wang erxiao is still alive, and two of the Eight Route Army soldier was injured, the army will escort them to Liu Jia Zhuang, end due to injuries, the trio has died always buried in the Liu Jia Zhuang mountains the old valley.
social influence
After the founding of new China, Wang erxiao's story was compiled into the primary school textbooks, 60 years later is still lips, Er Xiaocheng the tens of thousands of children in the eyes of the hero. 2003, by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League network film and television center to invest in the film "the young hero", in children caused a strong reaction.
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